Make $9999 Running a 99 Hiitbox Challenge in your Gym!!!

Why Not Run a 99 Hiitbox Challenge in your Gym?

Sign up 100 members to a 99 Hiitbox Challenge at $99 per Member and you have Just made almost $10,000!!

Our 99 Hiitbox Kit comes with 14 embedded Challenging Workouts for you to use to keep your Members Engaged and Fit!

Our 99 Hiitbox System is an On Demand System that needs minimal effort to Run a Challenge in your Gym!

Our 99 Hiitbox System displays all Live Data Such as Punches Landed,Heart Rate and Calories Burnt all on Screen!

It only costs $999 (inclusive of installation anywhere in Sydney)
To run a 2 week 99 Hiitbox Challenge in your Gym!

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Rich made $9,999 in 2 weeks by running a 99 Hiitbox Challenge in his Gym!

How did he do it?

Rich offered a 12 month Free membership as the FIRST PRIZE his 99Hiitbox Challenge!

The Member that could land the Most Punches in The 99Hiitbox 2 minute Challenge won the 12 month Membership First Prize!

The 99 Hiitbox 2 Minute Challenge Ran for 2 weeks,each Member would come into the Gym Daily and jump on the Hiitbox to try and land the most Punches on the Hiitbox in 2 minutes!

The Top 8 Scores were written on the 99 HIITBOX White Board daily so all members knew how they were Going!

On the last Day of the Challenge all Members came in and Tried one last time to get the Top Score on THEHIITBOX!🔥🤛🏻🔥

All of the Top 8 Scorers Won a Prize The Winner won the 12 month Membership and the 7 next Best Won Either a Pt session,a Gym Hoodie a Gym Towel or Gym Bottle.

The Energy and Fun the 99 Hiitbox Challenge brought to the Gym had members lining up to Sign up for the Next 99 Hiitbox challenge, not to mention the Members wanting Rich to train them 1 on 1 on the Hiitbox!

All in All Rich made $9999 in Signups from Challenge 1 and also Picked up over a Dozen 1 on 1 sessions on TheHiitbox!

Rich was it Worth it?
💯 Percent it was!

Rich is Now Running his 2nd
99Hiitbox Challenge in His Gym!

What are you waiting for Sign up now and get a 99Hiitbox Kit in your Gym!


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